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LAXGLOBALL® TECHNOLOGY includes a system of:

A) Lacrosse balls treated with silver gray dots of flexible retro-reflective material. Spreading the reflective material around the ball evenly in the form of dots produces a consistent performing ball, considering ball to ball and toss to toss. The gray dots are only 14% of the total surface area of the ball, so they don't effect the handling of the ball. The lacrosse players using Laxgloballs™ see them with no retroreflective effect, except occasional glimpses of light off the ball.

B) Camera (spot)lights that are set in parallel to the focus of the camera. The LAXGLOBALL™-RETROREFLECTIVE ball is designed for the TV or digital streaming viewing audience. It looks like a normal ball to the audience in the stands and the players but it glows white on the digital screen. It is only benificial when used in conjunction with spot lights E.G., lined up in proximity and parallel (See Cam-Caddie below) with the camera. HID lights offer the highest intensity but LED lights can also be used. The lights are held in place with brackets or directly on the camera's hot/cold shoe attachment. Lighting on the camera causes the balls to be more visible to the camera because the nature of the retroreflective material on the balls. The light is reflected off the balls back in the direction of the light source and the camera. The light is returned in a cone of intensity and causes the retro-reflective markers on the ball to be 100’s of times brighter than a white surface.


Up to approximately 600 feet, the greater the distance the camera lights are from the ball, the greater the visual contrast and the ball is more visible. This may seem strange, but retro-reflective materials used to make a LAXGLOBALL™ return the light back to the camera in a cone of intensity. The lower the angle made by the camera and light, the brighter the ball. Greater distances produce lower angles.

Large stadiums with high definition cameras up in the high positions far from the playing field will offer excellent visual performance. The balls will be bright, and the videographer will be in control of the presentation of the game flow.

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